Puri being located in the eastern part of the country in the state of Odisha has a tropical monsoon type of climate because of its geographical location on the coast comprising of primarily three seasons summer, winter, spring and rainy season.

Summers begin in March and continues till June characterized by extreme heat and humidity with temperature rising up to 36 degree C.
Monsoons usually arrive with the advent of south-west monsoon hitting the shoreline in the last week of June and1st week of July and retreats by 15th October. This period is marked by heavy downpour with increased level of humidity.

Winters are not too harsh and the most pleasant time which usually arrive in November and last till January. The temperature never goes below 15 degree C.
Autumn does knock the place and looks marvellous when greenary abounds and the sweet fragnance of myriad of flowers surround the enite area. The weather remains balmy with soothing temperature.

Summer Temperature: 36°C max and 27°C min.
Winter Temperature: 25°C max and 15°C min.
Average Rainfall: 135.23 cm
Best Time to Visit: October to March

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