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The LORD JAGANNATH TEMPLE in Puri, Odisha, is famous worldwide for the Rath Yatra (Car Festival) and is revered as one of the four dhams (abodes) of God spread in the four cardinal directions in India. The main temple, a majestic structure of 65 meters high. Its a monument of the 12th century A.D. with all the richness and plasticity of the kalinga style of architecture.
The PURI SEA BEACH offers tourists the rare opportunity of witnessing the colourful sunrize and sunset on the same beach where they can bathe and laze for hours on the golden sands. One can also see and enjoy traditional fishermen in hundreds, playing their catamarans or sail boats and drawing into their nets rich catches of prawn, pomfret and other fish on this long and wide beach extending for miles.
BADA DANDA, the grand road, as it is called, is ideal for a leisurely stroll and shopping for souvenirs and meentones. Typical Puri Handicrafts include miniature stone sculetures, wood carvings, seashell items, patta-paintings on cloth canvas and colorful applique work.
Tours to CHANDRABHAGA BEACH, Konark, often marks the end of the tour to Sun Temple in Konark. It is not a written rule though. You can for sure begin your day at this quaint stretch of beach named Chandrabhaga Beach that is perfect for picnics, swimming, boating and relaxing. The sea, now removed from the Sun Temple by 2 km, used to flow towards it famous sculpted wheels that have become an integral part of Orissa’s identity of a culturally rich Indian State.
THE WORLD FAMOUS SUN TEMPLE at Konark – an UNESCO World Heritage Site marks the zenith of Orissa’s temple architecture that was structurally innovative and visually enticing. The Konark Temple also marked the beginning of the end of the art and architectural style that would give Orissa a unique identity in a world full of copycats. The Sun Temple was built on the golden sands of the beach that is now 2 km away from where it initially was.
Tours to CHILIKA LAKE Bird Sanctuary is a journey to remember for a lifetime. Spread over 1,100 sq km of clean blue water, evergreen hillocks and a stunning variety of avian, aquatic, reptilian and animal life, tour to Chilika is a rejuvenating experience into the bird kingdom of Orissa set within the largest inland brackish (salt water) lagoon in Asia.

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